is a publisher of the Weird, the Odd, the Quirky, the Peculiar, the Macabre, the Uncanny… and Poetry (which can also be weird, macabre, or uncanny if it so chooses).

High on the wanted list are Ghost Stories, New Weird or Fabulism, Quirk, Narrative Poems, the Sublime, the Numinous, and, dissonantly, stories set in Los Angeles. Your work doesn’t seem to fit that vision? Send it along anyway, because it could be just crazy enough to work.

Consider the fiction of Raymond Chandler, Shirley Jackson, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allan Poe, Flannery O’Connor, Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker, Daphne Du Maurier, J.S. Le Fanu, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, M.R. James, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lord Dunsany, Saki, Stefani Christova, Washington Irving, E.F. Benson, Francis Marion Crawford, Ambrose Bierce, Edward Lucas White, and Ralph Adams Cram.

Year-round call for manuscripts of at least 30K words! Your chances are much better with story collections, poetry collections, and narrative poems than with novels, though the latter and novellas are considered.

Launched in 2018 beneath the aegis of the legacy publishing enterprise Darc Colours (est. 1986), Twelve House Books has most recently published the story collection CHILDREN & THEIR CAGES by Evan James Sheldon.
Slated for release are the story collections BETWEEN THE WALLS OF OPPOSING HOUSES by David Kart and NO SUCH THING AS ZOMBIES! by R.G. Halstead.

Thinking about publishing with Twelve House Books?
* Professional typesetting, layout, and cover design
* The work is produced in Paperback and a Hardcover with a dust jacket
* line edits by an editor with decades of experience
* Super-quick publishing turnaround
* Media promotions & a sell sheet upon author’s request
* 50% royalties paid to the author
* Promotional/sales plan not required of author for acceptance of a work
* No Upfront or hidden fees or costs to the author
* Discount copies available for promos, Indie bookstores, and libraries
*First Serial Rights and Worldwide rights are requested for any work to be published. reprint rights are requested if the work has been previously published. subsidiary rights and all other rights remain with the author.

Send to editor Scáth Beorh a proposal with a short synopsis and your entire book manuscript in .docx

Use the subject line: TWELVE HOUSE BOOKS Inquiry

Twelve House Books waits with bated breath to see the works of the few-and-far-between writers of the strange and spiritually unruly who prove themselves masters of turn-of-phrase and evocation of the bizarre.
Characters or situations in stories can be realistic, gritty, or dark–but wrongdoing and/or perversion can’t be promoted or encouraged.
Published books appear beneath the following imprints: Los Angelenos Imprint (books about or set in Hollywood and/or Los Angeles), Épouvante (Ghost Stories and Macabre Fiction), Lyre (poetry), and Uncanny (New Weird, Quirk, and Fabulism).

Twelve House Books does the philosophy of the Judeo-Christian worldview which was developed some four millennia ago from the wisdom and praxis of the many millennia of human history.

“What bizarre things does not one find in a great city when one knows how to walk about and how to look! Life swarms with innocent monsters. Oh Lord my God, Thou Creator, Thou Master, Thou who hast made law and liberty, Thou the Sovereign who dost allow, Thou the Judge who dost pardon, Thou who art full of Motives and of Causes, Thou who hast (it may be) placed within my soul the love of horror in order to turn my ear to Thee, like the cure which follows the knife; Oh Lord, have pity, have pity upon the mad men and women that we are! Oh Creator, is it possible that monsters should exist in the eyes of Him alone who knoweth why they exist, how they have made themselves, and how they would have made themselves, and could not?”

~ Charles Baudelaire

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