Twelve House Books

is the independent publisher of the strange and disorienting, the uncanny and haunted, the ghoulish and bloodcurdling, the odd and horrific, the hallowed and shocking, the ghostly and disturbing, the peculiar and weird, the dreadful and macabre, the fantastic and nostalgic.

Twelve House Books.

Dark Lit for the Masses.

Est. 2018

Twelve House Books, based in St. Augustine FLA, will consider your book or books for publication as long as there is agreement on all of the following:

  • It is at least 30K words or, if poetry, carries at least 100 poems. 

  • It is as perfectly edited as you can get it.

  • No simultaneous submissions. This means other publishers can’t be looking at it while Twelve House Books looks at it.

  • Multiple submissions are fine. You have a novel, a story collection, and a book of poetry? Send them all.

  • No fan fiction.  

  • Yes, reprints are considered as long as you hold the copyright to the work.

  • No subject or idea will be considered that promotes or supports concepts or lifestyles which are antagonistic to our most ancient spoken and written wisdom and moral conscience, and/or which are not in accordance with current international laws. If you are uncertain, ask. Follow this link for more information.

Twelve House Books will almost always reply within one week of your proposal, if not sooner. If you are offered a contract, all book production and royalty details are found there.
Questions? Text 412-638-0013
Send to editor Scáth Beorh a proposal with a short synopsis and your entire manuscript in .docx, .doc or .rtf to:

Twelve House Books waits with bated breath to see the works of the few-and-far-between writers of the strange and spiritually unruly who prove themselves masters of turn-of-phrase and evocation of the bizarre. Published books appear beneath the following imprints: Los Angelenos Imprint (books about or set in Hollywood and/or Los Angeles), Épouvante (Horror), Lyre (poetry), Rat-a-Tat-Tat (Crime Fiction), Peculiar (quirky and/or cross-genre), and Fabulist (Fabulism and Dark Fantasy).

Twelve House Books

Haunted by Benevolence
Backward Mutters of Dissevering Power
Thyme for Nightmares
The Floridian Guide to Purgatory
Cool As Fuck
Horror Flick
Little Whores
Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Girls in a Tub
Grue : 31 Tales of Darkness
A Thieving Primer
 Through the Valley of the Shadow
The Holy Alphabet
October House
Haunted Places
From Page to Page
Dusk-Born Child
Lord Treacle’s Good & Evil Monsters
Ghost Stories of Yesteryear
Ancestral Sins
So You’re Trapped in a Horror Story? 
Stunning Crime Thrillers!
Blood and Honey and the Scrapings of Church Bells
Blood & Water
Hollywood & Vine
Songs of a Lost Soul
Vampires of Dreach Fola
A Night To Forget
Ye Olde Seafaring Lexicon
Supernatural Horror in Literature
For When You Cannot Sleep At Night
All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy
Queer Weather

Forthcoming from Twelve House Books 

Something Nude Under the Sun
In the Gloaming
Soured Land
The Week of Three Fingers
The Ol’yoks Only Come Out At Night

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