Twelve House

is a publisher of book-length manuscripts. Released year round are novels, story and poetry collections, screenplays, memoirs, illustrations, pictorials, histories, hagiographies, plays, experimental works, and more. Twelve House considers all writings that are beautiful, hopeful, quirky, fantastic, uncanny, macabre, and even infandous–yet in some way touched by absolute Truth. Send whatever you have written. Twelve House will have a look from there.
Moral perversions are acceptable as long as they are in no way promoted as healthy.

‘The most influential books, and the truest in their influence, are works of fiction.  They do not pin the reader to a dogma, which he must afterwards discover to be inexact; they do not teach him a lesson, which he must afterwards unlearn.  They repeat, they rearrange, they clarify the lessons of life; they disengage us from ourselves, they constrain us to the acquaintance of others; and they show us the web of experience, not as we can see it for ourselves, but with a singular change—that monstrous, consuming ego of ours being, for the nonce, struck out.’
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Twelve House will happily consider your book as long as it meets all of the following criteria:
  • It is at least 30K words but no longer than 120K words. 
  • No simultaneous submissions. This means other publishers or agents can’t be looking at it while Twelve House looks at it.
  • No multiple submissions. This means Twelve House would like to see only one of your mss. at a time. 
  • Yes, Twelve House will consider reprints as long as you hold the copyright to the work.
  • No e-books are published. Twelve House publishes paperbacks as well as hardbound books without or with a dust jacket (which is coupled with a beautiful clothbound book).
  • Royalties are paid after book production costs are covered, per the contract.
Twelve House will almost always reply within one week of your proposal, if not sooner. If you are offered a contract, all book production and royalty details are found there.
Send to editor Scáth Beorh a proposal with a full synopsis and the first five (5) pages of your novel or three (3) stories from your story collection or five (5) poems from your poesy collection to:

    Twelve House Books

    Haunted By Benevolence
    Cool As Fuck 
    Golgotha & Dark Sayings of Old
    Hollow Boy
    Vintage Morality Tales
    For Strangers & Exiles
    Haunted Houses (pictorial)
    Horror & the Christian
    The Autobiography of Gemma Galgani
    Horror Flick
    Little Whores
    Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Girls in a Tub
    Addie Disembodied 
    Ye Olde Seafaring Lexicon
    Supernatural Horror in Literature (public domain)
    Dreams of Flying
    The Vampires of Dreach Fola
    A Thieving Primer
    From Page to Page
    A Pictorial Tour of St. Augustine, Florida

    Forthcoming from Twelve House  

     Watcher at the Gate
    October House Garden
    To Honor the King
    Haunted Houses, Haunted Souls
    The Stunned House
    Ghosts of Saint Augustine
    The Witch of West Cork 
    Vintage Ghost Stories
    It Will Never Happen To You
    Bottom Line / Disclaimer:
    Twelve House is a publisher which utilizes the print-on-demand (POD) services of Barnes & Noble Press, who distributes all books printed by them. Because the editor has over 40 years experience, and is also a visual designer (book covers, etc.), he pays himself professional rates for all services previous to paying out royalties to authors. Twelve House does not also serve as a publicist, and also takes no active part in title sales, but only passively sells via the Twelve House website once the book is available. Twelve House can provide author copies at wholesale plus shipping, but there are no free copies to authors. Review copies are provided via .pdf files only. Twelve House publishes a book with no cost to the author, who is also not expected to pay for production costs. Twelve House is not a subsidy or “vanity” press. No work published by Twelve House is ever nominated for any award. Unless you love what you write far more than becoming a household name during your lifetime, getting rich or even making a living on your books, or being accepted by the perfect literary circle, then Twelve House is not for you.

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